Our team at Lambland always strive to offer our new and existing customers a wonderful shopping experience, it is also hugely important to give a great aftercare service too where we can provide solutions to any sheepskin related matters and expert advice. With the introduction to summer we find our sheepskin sales tend to increase, especially with motorcyclists and motor home enthusiasts who are eager to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine in comfort, such purchases also then come with many questions on care and cleaning which is vital to the longevity of a sheepskin.

It is important that sheepskin is cleaned correctly, we always encourage any sheepskin owner to speak to us if they have any worries concerning care as it is easy to make a costly mistake which we don’t want anyone to have to experience. Occasionally those who contact us regarding a new purchase, already have an existing rug that they feel needs replacing but quite often the rug hasn’t received the correct care and we are always on hand to help with this and we find this is hugely appreciated.

Our Lambland fleece and lambskin wool wash and cowhide cleaner are a great addition to your purchase, the wool wash is specially formulated to gently clean without many of the harmful chemicals found in household detergents and it contains an antibacterial agent, this wool wash is suitable for most sheepskin products from rugs, moccasins to hats and gloves. Cowhide cleaner is just a spray bottle, being so large they cannot be washed in a machine but this cleaner is great for lifting grease and dirt from the hair fibres whilst also preventing dustmite and revamping the colour in your hide.

Another great way to keep your sheepskin in top condition is regular brushing to release dirt and distribute the wool fibers, our rugs love a good vigorous shake and they look all the better for it too. Usually a wire dog brush does the trick, we stock two different types and these brushes are so useful for large rugs that would otherwise require a professional cleaner, if brushed frequently and well maintained you may never have to fully wash your sheepskin as they are also self cleaning.

If you want to add our Lambland cleaning products to your cleaning essentials, then click here!