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Discover a small and intricate selection of essential knitting and crochet items, such as Knitting and Crochet Bags, Hook and Wool holders and organisers.

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Sheep Design Jute Shopper and Knitting Bags


Sheep Design Small Jute Knitting Bags


Sheep Design ‘One More Row’ Yarn Holder

Sheep Design 'Hands Off My Stash' Jute Organiser

Sheep Design Jute Knitting Organiser

Sheep Design 'Hooked on Crochet' Hook Holder-0

Sheep Design ‘Hooked on Crochet’ Hook Holder

Sheep Design 'Knit One, Purl One' Jute Knitting Bag-0

Sheep Design ‘Knit One, Purl One’ Jute Knitting Bag

Sheep Design 'One More Row' Hook and Wool Holder-0

Sheep Design ‘One More Row’ Hook and Wool Holder

Sheep Design Jute Crochet Bag-0

Sheep Design Jute Crochet Bag

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Recycled Silk Yarn Ball


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