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Shepherd slippers for ladies and men, available in moccasins, mules or boots from Shepherd of Sweden – with some styles exclusive to Lambland.

‘If you consider that one sheepskin slipper consists of about 28 separate parts that are then put together. The material is a pure natural product that has been treated in more than ten different stages to get just the right qualities that we like to work with.

Then all these parts are pieced together by very skilled men and women through more than 36 varied actions, most of them by hand. Then you can appreciate that it is more than just a slipper in front of you, It’s truly real craftsmanship.” (Shepherd Since 1982) The very best Sheepskin Slippers, Boots and Footwear.

Introducing Shepherd of Sweden Homewares and Accessories including sheepskin hot water bottle covers, sheepskin rugs, sheepskin pouffes and sheepskin cushions. Shop all of our Shepherd of Sweden slippers, homewares and accessories below. 

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Men’s Genuine Sheepskin Slipper Boots

21% off

Padded Round Sheepskin Seat Cushion

20% off

Round Sheepskin Seat Cushion


Ladies Genuine Sheepskin Mule Slippers


Men’s Sheepskin Slipper Boots with Sole

21% off

Ladies Suede Sole Sheepskin Bootee Slippers


Luxury Sheepskin Insoles


Men’s Double Gusset Classic Sheepskin Slippers

21% off

Men’s Suede Sole Sheepskin Bootie Slippers

46% off

Sheepskin Saddle Cover

Out of Stock

Ladies Genuine Sheepskin Slipper Boots

Out of Stock

Shepherd Ladies Luxury Wool Slipper Boots

25% offOut of Stock

Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

31% offOut of Stock

Men’s Genuine Sheepskin Slip On Mule Slippers

62% offOut of Stock

Men’s Genuine Sheepskin Slip On Mule Slippers

Out of Stock

Long-Haired Round Seat Cushion

64% offOut of Stock

Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Eva Pouffe

66% offOut of Stock

Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Frida Pouffe

Out of Stock

Weaved Soft Wool Pouffe


Showing all 19 results