Since we first begun, we have worked hard with clients to ensure their motoring journeys are comfortable and enjoyable, we do this by offering luxury sheepskin seat pads, catering to individual requirements; to this day our loyal customers return to show their support and we welcome new with open arms.

Our sheepskin seat pads are a great option for enhancing your journey, they are breathable and the lanolin in the wool is self-cleaning so they also have antibacterial properties. The skins we work with are of the highest quality grade and the wool pile on them is always of beautiful lasting quality, with differing thickness and sizing per skin we can cut something to suit you and even recommend how to fit it.

Due to the suppleness of our skins they drape perfectly over seating, the skin is soft enough to be cut and have attachments added with ease, we are often asked if we supply skins with straps or fittings for motorcycle seats which we do not, this is because each seat varies in shape and size. It is very simple to adapt a skin to your needs and we always give advice on the best possible way to do this. Currently, we only offer ivory or black with sheepskin seat pads as these are the most practical shades, they are easy to clean and care for as they are machine washable!

Some motorcyclists who have contacted us have travelled across the globe with our sheepskin, usually a friend of theirs will then visit us on recommendation to also purchase a skin and we get to hear about the incredible journeys they have embarked upon. Our most challenging projects have been for campervans or motorhomes, due to the size of the seating it is difficult to find universal sheepskin seat covers which is why we usually offer a double stitched sheepskin for these or a one and half which we can make ourselves.

Our staff are highly trained and being in the trade for several decades we have heard almost every question in the book regarding the practicality of sheepskin and why it is such a great natural alternative, especially with the environmental changes we now face. If you want any further information regarding our sheepskin we are always on hand, we also have another very detailed blog available for those who want to know more.