Over the years lambland have built up a trusting relationship with bikers, we understand how frustrating it can be when you cannot enjoy your favourite pastime because you suffer awful pain in your seat, putting a right downer on your day. Motorcycle enthusiasts can suffer with what they call ‘biker butt’ we often receive an email or phone call from a biker in need, luckily we are here to help and advise. There are some eye watering expensive solutions and a couple of cheerfully cheap solutions to help keep you smiling in the seat for longer. A quality gel pad for your bike can set you back about £40 with some reaching £80! We can offer bikers a sheepskin half pad for a shade under £20. Some bikers who lack that extra natural padding if you get what we mean… tend to suffer from aches and pains after a few hours on the road, yikes.

Poor circulation can be a bikers worst enemy when on the road, pads that increase circulation are great for relieving discomfort, especially if induced by heat and thankfully there appear to be many varieties available on the market. Sheepskin is a good all-round pad, it wicks moisture away and circulates air allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you can be assured that if you purchase a sheepskin pad for your seat you will be much more comfortable.

Our sheepskin pads are attractive and machine washable, they are available in black or ivory to keep it simple and the wool pile is usually around one – two inches giving you much needed comfort and warmth. Our pads are usually a standard size but if you require something specific we recommend you drop us and email or give us a ring and talk us through your requirements, we can offer full skins at a special offer price and can advise you on the best way to cut it to size or fix it to your seat.

We have heard recently from some of our customers that they have combined their gel seat pad with a sheepskin to maximize comfort, this also gives them the option to remove the sheepskin if required. If you aren’t a stranger to a sheepskin seat pad but perhaps would like to know how to keep your skin in top condition we have a few tips for you. It is advisable to keep your skin brushed to restore the fibers, which will also keep your sheepskin fluffier and softer for longer, especially if you have a pad with a shorter wool pile, brushes can be purchased on our website. If you do get caught in a downpour and your pad gets saturated, we recommend you air dry it by hanging it over an airer or somewhere similar, also it is advisable to flex the skin as it dries to regain suppleness. It is great to hear from our customers when they’ve found a solution and even better when we know we have helped too, no one wants their favourite pastime to become a pain in the butt, literally!


FAQ’S from bikers, answered by us…

Q: If I buy a black seat pad for my bike, will the dye run when it


A: Usually not if it is a light shower, we do not recommend the you

allow the skin to become saturated as it is likely then the dye will



Q: Do they add comfort from the point of view of cushioning?

A: Yes!


Q: Do your seat pads come with straps to fix it to my bike?

A: No, research and feedback has told us that most bikers prefer to

make their own attachments, that way our skins accommodate all

seats and can be adapted to suit each bike.


Q: I don’t think your standard size will fit my bike, can I buy a large

sheepskin and cut it to size?

A: Absolutely! If you aren’t too confident with DIY we can always

advise you.



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Have a wonderful day all, from the Lambland Team.