It’s nearly that time of the year, when prized motoring possessions awaken from their winter slumber to bring that retro sound, smell and look to the roads. So there’s no better time than to spotlight some of our most popular and well loved motoring products.

Motorcycle Seat Covers

These luxury sheepskin motorcycle seat pads are hand cut to order in our own workshop, cut to a standard sizing, it is up to the user to them determine how they want to use the item. While some riders simply use their body weight to hold the cover in place, other attach their own elastic strap and other means to keep the item secure.

This popular item has been independantly reviewed by Mark of RiderCamTV which can be viewed here.

Universal Fitting Genuine Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Made with high quality genuine sheepskin, our car seat covers are a complete seat cover made with a sheepskin front and a material padded and quilted back.

This gorgeous sheepskin cover provides extra comfort while driving and can be really handy on a warm summers day to help avoid leather seats getting overly hot. The headrest part is attached with it’s own elasicated straps so there’s no concerns of its slipping and falling behind the neck, and for those classic cars with no headrests it simply folds over the top of the seat.

Sheepskin Saddle Cover

This comfortable bicycle saddle seat cover is made from sheepskin with origins from Australia by Shepherd of Sweden.

The fantastic qualities of sheepskin mean that it breaths and keeps you warm in winter and helping prevent sores on those longer journeys and cool in the summer, helping prevent sweating with it’s hypo-allergenic and moisture wickening qualities.

However these saddle covers are made for wider bicycle seats they are not designed for sports or racing saddles, perfect for those of us who are perhaps not in such a hurry and prefer to get our thrills from slow scenic bicycle rides as opposed to fast and noisy.

Premium Quality Genuine Chamois Leathers

Keep your prized possession looking shiny.

Whether your enjoyment of choice is a classic or sports car, motorbike or bicycle, half of the enjoyment is having it look like it should.

Our premium and real chamois leather are the best way of removing water streaks, shining that chrome and bringing a high end finish to your pride and joy. Many may see using a chamois as the ‘old way’ of cleaning your car or bike, but it’s still also seen as the best way to finish off a day of hard graft polishing and washing ready for your adventure.

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*This article was updated in January 2024.