Our lovely team at Lambland have been working non stop through all the hardship of the recent events, even though we have a long way to go we are determined to make positive steps into the new year and embrace what opportunities do come our way. Lambland is a third-generation business founded by Bernie & Stella Spencer who opened our seafront harbour shop in Ilfracombe in the early 60s, their son Paul became involved in Lambland and eventually took over ownership with his wife Kristina, they both worked incredibly hard and with this we saw the expansion Lambland Quay Shop as it became a successful global online business. Lambland is now operating with the addition of a small team but the family are still at the heart of the business, with Paul & Kristina’s children heavily involved in the company as current managers and future directors. It has been fascinating to see the company progress through these stages, with the new ideas each person has introduced to help the push the business forward through challenging times.  

Lambland has always been a company to fly the flag for Britain and with this in mind we always strive to provide the best products and service on the market. Our sheepskin footwear and hides are the core components to our business, slowly we have made progression into homeware and eco-friendly products, our stockists are chosen carefully ensuring they share the same qualities we do. We have some exciting collections arriving in Spring, we have a new range of woollen blankets, doorstops, cushions and dog coats due in the next couple of months, all made in Britain using traditional craftsmanship. Our daughter has recently discovered a new stockist who also lives locally, we have chosen to work with an artist who has a gorgeous collection of painted homeware products inspired by the beautiful landscape around Devon, all items being eco friendly and very considerate of the environment, something that we are embracing and taking very seriously as we learn and grow. We cannot wait to show you what we have been up to and what exciting new collections are available.

Lambland want to thank you, for your loyalty and support since we first began but especially during the last twelve months, without you we would not be where we are today and we are eternally grateful to all who choose to work with us, whether as a stockist, customer or employee, you are appreciated and together we will make good of what may come our way in the future.

Thank you for supporting a small family business.