Our British sheepskin and lambswool moccasin slippers are a core product that has been associated with Lambland since the very beginning, we are incredibly proud of our beautifully hand made moccasins, no machine comes close to something so carefully and lovingly handcrafted. We specialise in what we sell and we are truly passionate about offering you the absolute best quality and finest grade footwear on the market. Our knowledge on our products is paramount, so we can ensure that we provide the best possible service and expertise to our clients, whether it be about the origin, production or wear, we can advise you every step of the way.

We are so proud to fly the British flag and supporting British farming is hugely important to us, that is why we are slowly introducing more lines yearly to our huge ‘British Footwear‘ category. It is essential to us to always provide the best possible product, whether it is footwearhomewares or sheepskin. We are always happy to inform you of the product origin and the production process. Our sheepskin, cowskin and reindeer hide ranges are vast but the high standard in quality of each and every skin will remain; we carefully choose our skins based on their source and production. We are incredibly proud to support other beautiful varieties other than British, such as our majestic Icelandic’s, luxurious Tibetan’s, sought after Gotland’s and silky soft New Zealand’s; oh and that isn’t forgetting the unbeatable Reindeer from the Sami Tribes in Finland.

Construction of our moccasin slippers uses British sheepskin and suede, we will always continue craft in the same manner, honouring the traditional style. The Moccasin itself originates from the Native Americans dating back to 10,000 BC. Unbelievably skilled at recycling and hunting, they would utilise every ounce of their catch without anything going to waste. Originally, moccasins were crafted using the tough skins of deer, moose, elk or buffalo and then stitched using the tendons or ligaments. Over the hundreds of years that moccasins have been made, the original beautiful design has remained the same and we can now incorporate genuine wool/sheepskin lining and colours.

Shop our vast range of sheepskin slippers at Lambland and indulge in a pair of sheepskin moccasin slippers. With the right care they’ll look after your feet for many years to come and you can immerse yourself in that rustic country vibe.

*this article was updated in January 2024