Our biggest ever sale has hit Lambland with up to 50% discount on some of our products for you to enjoy. It has been bitterly cold the last week or so with below zero temperatures hitting the UK in some areas and with the cost of gas and electricity, now is the perfect time to grab something warm to keep you comfortable through the winter or perhaps just treat yourself to that sheepskin pouffe you have been eyeing up all year. In our list below we will highlight some items that we think are worth spending and why:

Shepherd of Sweden Eva Pouffe:

It might seem like an extravagant buy but with a huge discount, we think they are absolutely worth the investment. Reduced from £349 to £245 you are saving a huge amount on this luxurious pouffe, crafted by Shepherd of Sweden you can guarantee the quality and workmanship of this product and they have been quality control tested by several members of the team who have them at home already. For practicality, the sheepskin cover is easily removable and can be washed which is ideal if you have pets who might take a shine to it.

Mongolian Cushions:

If you want something a little less extravagant but with all the same luxury, our gorgeous mongolian cushions have sumptuously soft coil wool and a genuine soft suede backing, there is nothing faux about these and for a price of £34.50 reduced from £57.50 you are making a huge saving and not only that, you have a wide variety of colours to choose from whether you want to add a pop of colour to your interior or prefer the minimalist scandi aesthetic.

Men’s Genuine Slip On Mules:

Our sale offers a good variety of mules ranging from Shepherd of Sweden to our own brand, you can’t get quality mules cheap because they are crafted using the finest materials providing unbeatable warmth but with our sale, we have big reductions on some of our styles for you to enjoy.

Hand Knitted Beanies & Bobble Hat:

Grab them before they are gone, natural and warm; our knitted hats never last long and we usually sell out every Christmas!

Our Lucky Sheep Pouffe:

If you want something completely unique, our sheep pouffe will bring a smile to anyone who enters your home, with his cute face and curly horns you wont know whether to use him as a foot stool or mere decoration.