It’s a funny time of year in the United Kingdom, Spring is upon us some days, yet Winter still lurks on others.

We think we have what could be, the ideal home purchase for between seasons. We have just taken delivery of our best selling Fox, Beehive and Peacock doorstops for the 2023 season, and we can’t think of a better gift for home. Perfect for letting that fresh spring air in while keeping your doors from slamming shut in the wind.

Super Soft Fox Doorstop.

Incredibly popular is our lush Fox doorstop, with a fluffy stomach and tail, pointy ears and the cutest of faces it’s easy to see why Mr Fox is so popular. Well fed enough to be able to hold open even the most stubborn of Den doorways the only issue you may face with Mr Fox is someone luring him away to there Den.

Peacock Doorstop.

With Exmoor views from our online warehouse a Peacock seemed rather fitting, most people will have some memory of their first peacock encounter, whether it being the admiration of a male’s train display or the fear a peacock stealing your sandwiches at the zoo they are simply unmistakable.

The stitching on this peacocks train is just as vibrant as the real thing, with Golds, Greens and some Blues when at full display its difficult not to notice Mr Peacock welcoming you to the room, just keep an eye on those sandwiches.

Bee Hive Doorstop.

‘Home is our favourite place to Bee’

Stronger than it looks just like the Honey Bee’s featured on it, this wonderful door stop makes the perfect gift for a friend, family member, loved one or simply yourself.

Other gifts for the home.

Cushions, Pouffes and Beanbags and Seat Cushions and Pads.

If you enjoy the little things in life, then be sure to go and check our Home & Living selection.

With a luxury range of hand crafted and exquisite designs such as our ‘Bee Happy’ cushion, genuine sustainable cow hide doorstops from Owen Barry and Hot Water Bottle covers from Fenland and Shepherd, for those colder days, we are sure you can find an excuse to treat someone special.