We are always happy to advise in any way possible, we are currently focusing on some key ideas to help make the most out of a small room whilst still retaining that cosy feel as we know that the weather in Britain tends to be on the colder spectrum throughout most of the year.

1: Minimize the clutter – it may seem odd but over sized items can often make a room appear larger than it is, many avoid large items of furniture through fear that they will create a more cramped space but cluttering the room with lots of small pieces does not keep the space sleek and simple.

2: Work with the room – draw a floorplan, arrange key pieces like the bed and cupboards and then see what available space you can work with.

3: Don’t get too complex with paint – most know that white or neutral tones lighten and make a room appear larger than it is, don’t over complicate walls with bold busy patterns or dark heavy paint.

4: Keep it comfortable – you don’t have to go mad with the soft furnishings, just one can add a touch of warmth even in a clinical space, if you want to add a splash of colour a sheepskin rug is perfect for this, you can have the traditional shaped skin or opt for a little bit of luxury and have a rectangular skin, but be careful not to use up too much floor space; our rugs are fairly priced and offer that luxurious feel to any room.

5: Window decor – curtains are tricky in small spaces, you have to ensure when they are drawn back that they do not obscure too much of the window, thus blocking the light. If you want something more streamlined, then a stylish roller blind will take up little space and will also create clean lines.

6: Light is key – try not to obstruct any natural sources of light such as windows or doorways, use a mirror to bounce the light around the room.

7: The walls are your friend – don’t be afraid to expand upwards, having storage units above the bed can be very space saving and if you have a headboard you can always use it as a multipurpose and sit a lamp on it and a book, depending on the depth of course and this frees up a bit more space.

8: Soft furnishings – we know that cushions are a must have and here is the part where you need to restrain yourself, try to keep the numbers minimal if you want a few varieties or you can go large with one big cushion but we know this leads to the temptation to buy more. Block colours are better than intricate large patterns as they make the bed appear less busy, if you want something a bit different from the norm then a Mongolian sheepskin cushion is a stunning piece that offers warmth and is reasonably priced.

9: If you love patterned fabrics try to buy items that can be stored away if necessary – a blanket or throw is ideal for this, if you want to change the look slightly then a throw on the bed can prepare a room for the winter and create a whole new feel, you can use a light weight blanket for this if you prefer which also won’t take up too much storage space if you do decide to store it away for a period.

10: Preserve floor space – keep floors clear by limiting unnecessary items and not allowing rogue pieces to build up, try to keep things organised so you can retain floor space allowing the room to look larger than it is.