Reindeer Hides

These Reindeer hides not only look and feel great, they are also weatherproof. They make a stunning addition to any living space as a floor or wall hanging. The colourings of creams, beiges, greys and browns vary depending of the age of the animal and on the season. Each Reindeer Hide is totally unique in colour and markings.


Reindeer Hides and husbandry is a modern livelihood that is passed down from generation to generation. It is in tune with the cycle of nature and can be the sole source of income or practiced alongside other livelihoods. Reindeer Hides are sourced from the Artic regions of Finland and are a Bi Product of the food industry. It provides a living for large number of people in the harsh north of Finland. In many villages Reindeer husbandry is the number one employer. In Lapland , the indeginous Sami peoples still use every part of the reindeer for food, clothing and decoration.


If preferred, we can send individual pictures of Current stock.

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