You wouldn’t expect Sheepskin products to be that beneficial during the warmer parts of the year, as most would assume that they are a winter based product, to keep you warm!

However, some Sheepskin items can be massively beneficial to you in the summer as well as the winter, as Sheepskin can keep you cool in the warm weather and then warm in the colder weather.

Lambland have a great range of products, but particularly the Sheepskin Seat Covers are the perfect item for keeping you cool on hot days. We all hate driving on a really hot day and it can ruin your day before it’s even started! However Sheepskin’s hollow wool fibres have breathing properties, allowing your body to remain happy and comfortable during any time of the year.

Along with being super comfortable and extremely soft, Sheepskin provides a cushion of air that acts as a temperature insulator, making Lambland’s seat covers the perfect product if you hate getting into a hot car and having to drive whilst having the fear of being covered in sweat before you have even started your day. Furthermore, during the winter periods your seat covers will keep you warm and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Together with all these great reasons to purchase a Sheepskin Seat Cover, it also protects your original upholstery in your vehicle and will actually improve the durability of leather seats because of the natural lanolin in Sheepskin.

Lambland’s Sheepskin Seat Covers are a fantastic product that can be used all year round and is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of their time driving, whether it be for leisure or work, you need a Sheepskin Seat Cover.