Lambland Chevron Hide Rug

It is always inspiring when we see a core product develop over the years and become the source of contemporary creation for the home, we especially love seeing new ideas that’ll bring a fresh approach to an interior. Rugs are now very much an indispensable part of home décor and you’d find it difficult to visit a property without one, they impart warmth and balance to an interior without causing disarray. It has become apparent that our modern society tends to prefer raw and natural furnishings in their homes as their devotion to Rustic/Scandi décor increases; in fact this trend has become so prominent that designers are competing ferociously to invent or develop new innovative ideas to capture the eye of dedicated consumers striving to constantly reform or fine tune their existing home style. 

One thing we will say is that many customers often feel apprehensive when purchasing a rug like this as they believe over time they may tire of it, especially when you are spending such a large amount of money. However, with so many variations on the market it is relatively easy to find one that’ll compliment your home; our chevron hide has beautiful silvery tones along with pale beige hues, this is then accompanied with a scattered contrast of black which draws the eye but doesn’t allow the pattern to appear too harsh in alternating light.  

Some of the patchwork cowhides we have seen are so satisfying to the eye; they have this beautiful array of soft hues cleverly combined with a striking geometric design bringing instant elegance with the delicate greys and golds, there is no doubting that these rugs are destined to ooze opulence, resulting in them becoming the envy of any visitors. One other clever technique with these patchwork rugs is that some easily recreate the intricate detail of stone tiling, which we absolutely adore!

If you want a helping hand to get you started then we recommend you take a peek at our latest collection of cowhides on our page, we also have some beautiful metallic skins too that may just steal your heart. If you don’t feel brave enough to take the plunge yet though we do have some magnificent cowhide skins all in their natural former glory, ready to enhance your home.