We find that many people see sheepskin rugs, goatskins and shearlings strictly as an elegant addition to the home environment, when in fact the versatility of these skins is expansive but not always made aware of, resulting in these uses being overlooked. In our years of being in the business we wanted to share with you some of the best and most interesting uses for sheepskin we have come across in the industry; we do not like waste and this is why we recycle our remnants from trimmed skins and offer them to customers who can utilise them or the staff who keep them for personal projects.


Yes, your four legged friends can benefit from sheepskin too and this goes beyond bedding. We’ve seen an increase in equestrians contacting us for skins to use as numnahs, girth liners, nose bands or boots for their horses; we just provide the skins and advise on the best wool pile, grade, cutting and fixture. Dog coat liners are also something we’ve been asked about, especially those with pooches who have a finer coat and feel the cold in the bitter months. One thing we cannot offer is a bespoke service for these items, simply because we are just too busy at our workshop but our aftercare is paramount and we will always be available to help and advise.


You probably guessed this one, but sheepskin pads for motorbike seats is one of our biggest demands; these are our best sellers and we are often recommended for our luxury thick sheepskin pelts especially for bikers planning a several week long road trip. One thing we always offer is flexibility and we will happily provide correct sizing dependant on your seat so you get the best use out of your sheepskin. One of our other popular contacts is those who use car seat covers, campervans, steering wheel and seatbelt covers; something we will always try to cater for and we always offer alternatives if you cannot find something to suit your needs.

Garment repair

One thing we’ve seen a gentle increase on, is those who wish to repair an old item of clothing or perhaps are making a garment from scratch and need the material to construct a full item or just the finishing touches like a collar and cuffs. Usually we recommend our shearling skins for this as they are incredibly soft and supple making them perfect for machine sewing.


Yes we do provide insoles and always will but we have also noticed custom from those who wish to line wellington boots to make them extra cosy (particularly farmers) and also people with well loved footwear they want to repair and restore.


If you are someone who loves to get outside no matter what the season then did you know reindeer skins are weatherproof making them ideal for outside seating on a chair or around a fire pit? They are used so frequently for glamping, wedding venues and tipis because they give that all natural rustic appearance whilst keeping you warm and comfortable too.

Toys for pets

Even we didn’t think of this one in the beginning but dogs do love the smell of sheep, we certainly realised this years ago when customers would visit our harbour shop and their dogs would rub up frantically against our sheepskin rugs causing much amusement to the staff. We now sheepskin to clients who create toys and bedding from them, perfect for pooches to play with and enjoy. Cats tend to love sheepskin in the form of a luxurious bed so they can knead to their hearts content.