Tibetan Sheepskin Rugs

It has been long time since we posted an update; sorry about that but we have been very busy at Lambland HQ preparing for some exciting changes this year. Our most recent being the launch of our brand new shiny website, and what makes the launch of a new website even better? It is the addition of beautiful and exciting new products!

I’ve noticed over the months that Scandinavian or (scandi) styling is on the rise more than ever and let’s be honest, when done properly it can look simply stunning! I’m not one for minimalism myself so it takes a lot to draw my attention, but there is something about scandi style that really lures me in, perhaps it is the mix of beautiful rose gold décor with edgy industrial table lamps, accompanied with beautifully soft blush and grey furnishings.

I was thrilled when I took delivery of some new sheepskins for this spring, especially as they were in brand new colourways and also they were Icelandic and Tibetan sheepskins! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thick and chunky British sheepskin, but the Icelandic and Tibetan’s are so sleek and beautiful, they really have a certain presence about them and they look sublime in a scandi inspired interior. I adore the traditional rustic feel of a genuine sheepskin, nothing beats it and with so many breeds on the market it isn't too difficult to find a texture that suits you. I am trying to hardest to find a happy fusion between old rustic country and scandi style, I love both equally and I am determined to have both coincide in harmony - I think these skins are the way forward! 

I personally absolutely love our new taupe and grey Icelandic’s along with the new blush pink Tibetan, I can’t stop running my fingers through the wool… they are so soft and airy that they just give this complete feeling of weightlessness. I love the blue hues we also have in our aqua and the dusty pale blue; these are perfect if you are looking for a dominating colour to add softness and warmth amongst your streamlined interior. It's always crucial to familiarise yourself with the care and cleaning of these beautiful skins so you can keep them at their best. For instance, Tibetan skins are renowned for their silky curly wool and to help maintain their appearance you should never brush them, if you find the wool becomes a little flattened down over a period of time, give it a good shake to restore those fibres and a finger brush with your hands. I know we say this a lot, but we are always happy to give any advice on care and cleaning of any products, we have a vast knowledge especially with our sheepskin; we understand the time and effort it takes to restore or decorate a home and the importance of your little soft furnishings that really do make a house a home!