Over the years Lambland have maintained and found new everlasting relationships with other small businesses and customers, we always feel especially proud to support other small business owners that love our products as much as we do. We are completely transparent when it comes to guaranteeing the quality and processes behind our products, we work hard to ensure we continue to provide the same fantastic quality time and time again for everyone and especially our long-standing repeat clients who rely on this for their own business needs.

One local client who we really enjoy working with is Sophisticated Scratch, Di introduced herself several years ago and we have loved working with her ever since.

Di creates the most incredible hand made English Oak & Applewood cat scratchers and trees, our sheepskin rugs are added to these wonderful creations giving the furry user upmost comfort and joy. Di uses natural oils on her trees to bring the natural grains within the wood to life, she uses many coats of these beautiful natural oils to create a deep lustrous finish on the wood.

It is a joy seeing the finished work of these scratchers and trees complete with an elegant sheepskin or two draped in place. Our sheepskins used for these projects are either natural Icelandic or British Rare Breed, further emphasising the natural luxurious feel of Di’s creations; it is also a joy for the cats to enjoy something as close to nature as possible, these scratchers will not only stimulate their urge to scratch but they will also feed the other senses with the natural smells, textures and appearance. Di caters to most cat breeds, she is considerate of this and she can create something unique for your cats needs, whether they are a small domestic breed or a huge Maine Coon – she also considers the needs of the purchaser too and designs wonderful trees which consider the space around them, some are compact but still give great height, others are short but wide.

In our many years of business we haven’t ever seen something quite as unique and beautiful as these and we are very proud to continue supporting Sophisticated Scratch with future projects.