Icelandic: One of our favourites, these skins are very large with a long silky wool pile of approximately six inches, the wool is quite fine but the density of the skin is impressive, however not surprising for an animal which has to endure the harsh landscape of Iceland. Our range is generous with these skins, we have a lovely array of natural colours with tri colour along with plain white, grey and black; we also have some gorgeous dyed variations such as burgundy, aqua, grey/black fleck, brown and taupe, all are vegetable dyed.

Rare Breed & Jacob: Unique in itself, our rare breed sheepskins are very pleasing to the eye with their gorgeous variety of distinctive markings and colourings, the Jacob consists of large splashes of brown with white varying in shade whereas our standard rare breed can be anything from soft light cappuccino mottling to dark chocolate and grey mixes, most skins consist of a mix of white, brown and greys. Our rare breed skins are completely unique to the customer with no two skins being the same, all these rugs originate from the UK.

New Zealand/Australian: Our special offer sheepskins are increasingly popular, a great budget conscious option, these skins are very soft and luxurious with a straighter wool pile than most. We use these skins to craft motorcycle seat pads, the nature of the wool and the density of the skin make it perfect for a long journey, they are also a great option for other chairs and car seats.

British: Flying the flag for British manufacturing, we love these rugs and our tannery is very versatile with the skins, we use them for bespoke projects sent in from clients as the match on the skins is great, they also work great as medical sheepskins for the elderly and babies.

Our standard British sheepskin comes in a huge variety of colours, around thirty choices and are usually available as singles or we can create larger skins at the workshop. Usually thick and chunky, British sheepskins are a great staple for the home.

Tibetan/Monogolian: Cute and compact, these little skins are the essence of luxury and are perfect draped over a chair or bed, the wool is beautifully soft and fine with a soft delicate corkscrew curl, they do not tolerate brushing but will hold their shape wonderfully if treated with care and in return they will transform your living space. Our wonderful tannery have a beautiful collection of soft hues in these skins, we have natural white which goes through a gentle bleaching/cleaning process and the others are naturally dyed and are available in aqua, turquoise, fuchsia, slate grey, soft grey, pale pink, vanilla & beige.