In the early days Lambland was owned by Stella & Bernard Spencer, Lambland began as a little Harbour Shop in Ilfracombe in the 60’s when British tourism was strong, this is where they found their success selling a niche range of beautiful sheepskin and leather products. Our renowned moccasins were some of the very first products sold at the company and to this day, we still work with the same workshops who are producing the exact same moccasins, 60 years on.

Lambland grew over the years and once retirement was due for Bernard & Stella, their son Paul with his wife and family purchased the company and took ownership of Lambland, shortly later they chose to enter the online sales market and the Lambland’s success soared. Our little shop in Ilfracombe on the Harbour is still there today and doesn’t look too dissimilar to how it did all those years ago, the harbour shop is now a small percentage of the company. It was truly wonderful to open the market to a wider audience, for those who couldn’t visit Ilfracombe they could now purchase with us online and share us with their family and friends. We are delighted and proud that a fair quantity of our customers today are those loyal customers we had back in the early days, we are proud that new customers are discovering us every day and we hope to create the same long lasting impression that we did all of those years ago.

In the very early days Lambland had about 4 styles of moccasin, we now have 19 styles which are all based from the original design of our core moccasins. It might seem like a huge range for one particular style of footwear but each of the designs we have today are carefully considered, they have different properties to one another and also provide a wider range of fit and comfort because we know one style does not suit everyone.

Our customer service team are on hand to help with any enquiries as we know sometimes it can be tricky to distinguish the difference between some of our pairs as they look so similar; for example, our premium suede and wool moccasins look almost identical to our sheepskin lined moccasins but the cost is almost double because one pair are crafted using whole sheepskin and the other pair are suede with some sheared lambswool inserted into the moccasin to create a lining.

Our cheapest moccasin is crafted in the West Country using British suede and wool, it is one of our best selling moccasins offering great value for money for a product that is British made and built to last, as long as they are cared for. We have a fairly big range of our earthing moccasins too, we introduced them as pure leather but after demand we are now doing them with a warm sheepskin lining.

If you are worried about cleaning, all of our British moccasins can be machine washed with Lambland wool wash as per our care instructions.