In the long days of summer we strongly recommend our beautiful hand finished cotton lined moccasins, we have always found them to be incredibly reliable when your feet need a well-earnt rest from a busy day in the heat. Our sheepskin and wool moccasins are great too for keeping you cool due to the natural properties of sheepskin, but you still have that thick fluffy layer underfoot which some customers do not find very practical in the summer months.

Our range of cotton lined moccasins is now larger than ever and are available in multiple colours and stitch variations so you don’t have to compromise on style when opting for comfort. Fortunately, all of our cotton lined slippers come with a hard wearing sole so they can withstand light outdoor use, perfect for pottering in the garden or popping up to your local village shop.

The leather upper moccasins are the best seller for us, they are constructed using strong hides and are very durable, you can also wipe them clean and we find they are quite popular with avid gardeners and sun worshippers. Recently we introduced a lovely rich navy to our existing brown and black core colours that appear to have gone down a treat; if you prefer more depth around your toes these moccasins are great as they are hand crimped to a pie crust finish giving them a more traditional and airy feel.

If you love being colourful our suede moccasins are brilliant, we offer them in a bright array of colours as well as the original core colours too for practicality. These are machine stitched creating an overlocked stitch on the front, this is a shallower fit but they are also wider than the leather moccasins. We can offer the suede moccasins in navy and beige if you prefer the hand crimped finish (which has been our traditional style since the beginning).

You ought to treat yourself, once you purchase one pair you’ll eventually want them all.

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