Our range of coloured sheepskin rugs have been ever expanding since we first begun and we love nothing more than being able to share our latest shades with you lovely people, yes we get a little excited about our sheepskin rugs especially when we know a new exciting dye batch is on the cards. If you keep updated with our latest news, (and you should because we are a great bunch) you’ll know that we were delighted with the introduction of our new range this spring which consisted of soft earthy hues, in fact we were so thrilled we gifted one to a lucky lady who won our recent competition.

Initially, we had our core colours such as the slate greycornflower blue,  fuchsia, ivoryblack, sage green and so on… but we felt that expanding on these shades with the workshop would deliver some beautiful results and we were not disappointed with what they produced for us. One of our more recent successes was the re-introduction of the highly sought after silver grey, this gorgeous colour was a previous for us but production problems with the dye meant we had to discontinue it temporarily; however we are now really happy to say that it is back and even better than before, much to the delight of our customers and clients too.

As most of you may already know, we are based on the edge of Exmoor National Park so quite often our inspiration forms from the beautiful earthy hues of the rugged and wild landscape. Subtle shades of sage green, soft earthy taupe to blueish greys represent the expansive meadow grasslands and rocky cliff faces, the perfect addition to compliment our incredible rural countryside. We’ve now included about five different variations of brown in our collection, a shade we felt was important to expand on especially for those who love that rustic country vibe but don’t want to be limited with just the one core colour. You can now enjoy the delights of molechocolateminkotter and light brown to add warmth and softness into the home.

Another colour we’ve been really excited about this spring is pink, and we love pink as it resembles spring for us with the gorgeous array of budding flowers such as orchid, great willowherb, foxglove, cherry blossom, betony, and tulip lining the landscape. We’ve seen the use of blush and rose be a main inspiration for colour injection, especially the more subtle shades in Scandinavian style homes. If you want to experience the pink phase, take a look at our gorgeous selection of soft hues.

Cornflower blue is one of those bold, striking shades that always appear to be in demand no matter what the season, our decision to introduce tealdeep teal bluemid bluegrey blueturquoise and aqua has certainly pleased many. Spending our spare time admiring the deep shades of the ocean is favourite interest, especially if we are sipping an alcoholic beverage and perhaps tucking into fish and chips as well. We are reminded on a daily basis how fortunate we are to have such stunning surroundings, so much so we honestly feel truly inspired by the beautiful deep shades of the sea and we love reflecting this in our collection of sheepskin so you can bring nature into your home. If you’re keen on trends and enjoy sprucing up your interior with the latest ideas for the home, check out our previous blog on metallic cowhides for this season forecast and let your imagination run away with you. If you love to reflect your personality when up styling your home and you want something a little bit more interesting, make sure you take a peak at some of our best sellers such as the orangeyellowred, ivory and grey. Happy Easter!