We have started off 2022 with a bang, being predominantly known for our slipper range which features traditional styles such as moccasins, slip on mules and booties, we couldn’t resist adding some new styles and colours to the collection for 2022. Styles for men and ladies are now available in pastel pinks, navy blue and olive green’s as well as our standard popular colours such as beige and chestnut.

With a new selection of moccasins, slip on loafers and booties there’s now even more choice, which is impressive considering our current collection as it was.

We have also taken delivery of our incredibly popular sheep design bobble hats. Hand knitted in Nepal with fair trade wool, they are the perfect gift for this springs cold weather snap and there’s no worries about the ‘wool itch’ as they are fully lined with a polyester fleece, keeping the wind at bay. New designs are being discussed all through the year with some exciting ideas coming through for autumn 2022 and beyond.

And finally, where it all began, our Ilfracombe harbour shop has received some love in 2022, with new displays, new stock and an upgrade to our famous Sheepdog and Shepherd Mural. The original painting had been present since the early 90’s and had been a focal point for visitors and locals alike with many visitors taking pictures with friends and family, it was even a point in the world famous ‘pokemon go’ where the original artwork can still be seen. However, over the course of 2021 one of the Lambland Team took hours of spare time to create a stunning new piece of artwork, keeping all the key pieces from the original but adding her own unique twist, we hope this piece will be cherished by our guests and visitors as much as will be by the remaining Lambland Team for the next 20 odd years. So a big thank you to Elissa. x