It is our philosophy at Lambland that products are for life and not just a season, we don’t believe in fast fashion and this doesn’t stop with people, pets too and our homewares. In full support of the renovation game, we encourage our clients to recycle and revamp existing items in the home, whether you restore them or use them to craft something new. It is understandable that you cannot do this on rotation and all products have a lifespan, so when the opportunity to make a new purchase arises, we have got a huge variety of quality long lasting items to see you through, this is especially important with products that will get a lot of wear and tear.

So, with that in mind we have chosen to expand our range of products for pets, after all the demand for pet products is always high and with this increase there is also a higher expectation of quality which is why we are very careful who we chose to work with. The new range we have introduced is from Pickles & Co, presenting a beautiful collection of luxury dog collars and leads, we stock soft neoprene pheasant collars with matching leads, made with soft printed webbing for ultimate comfort and the neoprene is also light weight and antibacterial. Our favourite is the country collection with a combination of leather and tweed, made from very durable and hard wearing saddlery leather and a robust metal gold buckle; perfect for enduring pooch playtime and providing comfort.

If you want something a bit more eye catching for your best friend, we also stock their gorgeous gaucho style embroidered collars and matching leads, again made using high quality saddlery leather.

In regards to bedding, at present we stock our own half sheepskin pet pads which have proven over the years to be a real hit; they are multifunctional and the most natural form of bedding for your beloved pet, the sheepskin we use is Australian with a long silky soft wool and thick skin. In our eyes, because sheepskin repels dirt, is natural and has cooling properties it is the best natural alternative and very easy to keep clean being machine washable.

Our padded pet rugs are slightly different, these are crafted with a soft fabric backing and piping around the edges, the wool is short and curly giving a soft spongy texture perfect for all pets and available in a wider variety of colours and sizing.

Over the next year or so, we hope to expand this line even further and offer you some of the best luxury pet products on the market, that with the right care will last for years, we hope our selection will bring much happiness and comfort to your furry friend, whilst adding a touch of sophistication!