On our visit to the NEC Spring Fair & Moda in the New Year, we met the wonderful team at Brakeburn and fell in love with their gorgeous Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. Being fellow nature lovers ourselves we could see the strong influence of the natural world and coastline within the design of their products, from the beautiful delicate botanical touches to colourful marine prints and soft earthy hues, all crafted using high quality fabrics.

It is so exciting introducing a new range to our website and in store, we have a large selection of bags, purses and footwear including some one off pieces too like our sausage dog wellies and matching bags and their range of blue and white stripe products. The best thing about this collection is that most prints are available in such a wide product range, so you are just restriction to one style and design, there are plenty of products to choose from such as our backpacks, cross over bags, backpacks, purses and beach bags.

Brakeburn’s lovely designs are considered with comfort and durability in mind, so you know you are purchasing a quality product that with the right care will promise to look after you and ensure you are not compromising on style.

View our full Brakeburn range here and treat yourself!