In the midst of autumn we are all looking for little homely touches to bring comfort and warmth to our interior in preparation for when early winter sets in. It is easy to find a wide variety of inspiration today with instagram, pinterest and vast quantities of home inspiration magazines and every season we are introduced to new and exciting ideas for the home. In trend at the moment we have noticed a warming colour palette with rich earthy tones inspired by nature and the ever changing woodland, with the introduction of rich red, russet and amber yellows to warm earthy browns and green.

If you are also a lover of interior design you will have noticed the recent surge in hand made products, now more than ever people are supporting little independents with a strong focus on the handmade; celebrating individual craftspeople with traditional time honoured techniques and methods, some that date back hundreds of years. It is wonderful to see the efforts from these craftspeople being strongly supported, they can continue to create beautiful hand crafted furniture, hand woven storage boxes and baskets, ceramics, wood turning, fabric dying and wallpaper/fabric printing.

It is great to see this support network has developed and in return you will gain a product that is completely unique and made with love and care. If you know us well, you’ll know that we strongly support traditional craftsmanship and it is our main focus in our business to continue with that support indefinitely. Our sheepskin rug sales help many farmers around the country from the Lake District to Scotland and all the way back down to Devon; the rugs are tanned locally and if they are dyed we use vegetable dye to achieve our vast colour palette.

If you want to recreate that warm woodland retreat in your home and want an inexpensive way to do so then we always recommend a luxurious sheepskin, you can tailor make a size to suit any room with single and multiple sewn rugs explore different wools with breed, textures and colours. Over the years many are discovering new ways to use this versatile product and sharing their ideas with the rest, a particular trend we have seen on the rise is the use of a sheepskin in a bathroom which you may immediately think isn’t a good idea but with sheepskin being naturally antibacterial and the lanolin in the wool giving a waxy water repellant they are actually very much up to the task. If used for this purpose we strongly suggest only using a completely natural skin with no dye, these will have more lanolin present and you won’t have to feel concerned about any possible dye transfer.

Surely nothing can beat wiggling your toes into a warm curly wool pile, the perfect texture on your hard floor adding a soft touch to a room with many angular lines and cold surfaces. You can alternate between long and short wool dependant on season, revamping when necessary without losing any of that luxury.

You can view all of our sheepskin rugs and hides here.