It is wild out there, with the recent storms and hazardous weather bringing in the gales and hail, we are all feeling the grip of winter. In our introduction to another year we have introduced plenty of warm and natural clothing to help keep you protected from the elements. Our favourite is a beautiful new collection of wool clothing from Glencroft, they are based in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales and we have been involved with them for decades through the generations of the business here at Lambland.

Introducing the traditional Aran jumper, we have two of these available in a plain cream or with cream nep (flecks) in the wool, a perfect winter warmer that is a timeless classic and will serve you for many years. Constructed using pure new wool, creating a natural, renewable, biodegradable garment with no microplastics being washed into the environment.

If the cost of some are little too steep, have a look at our spare yarn British wool jumper, this chunky jumper features a honeycomb pattern and is known as the surplus wool jumper, which is crafted once a year around Christmas using any spare or redundant wool left from the year. It is the perfect option for a budget conscious individual who wants the same British quality but with a little more ease the price and this purchase will give you much pleasure knowing you are buying a recycled item, therefore reducing your impact on the environment.

In the last month or so we have also added some double layered wool jumpers which are renowned for their warmth, one is crafted using soft merino wool but it still has all the same properties of british wool such as breathability, antibacterial, resilient and biodegradable. We also have a lovely knit jumper with a sheepy lanscape, back by popular demand, mixing it up with something a little bit different, we also have something similar for children

Our glencroft collection expands from wool clothing to sheepskin gloves, mittens and scarves, we also have traditional harris tweed caps, wooly hats with sheepskin bobbles and luxury sheepskin dome hats.  

If you have a conscious mind and want to lower your impact on our environment, then keep take a look at our large range of long lasting, natural products.