We are just loving this weather, bright sunny days finished off with gorgeous striking sunsets late into the evening, have filled us with so much joy recently that we have all been keen to get out and enjoy some of the best North Devon has to offer.

It’s not all doom and gloom at the office though, we get to embrace the beautiful scenery from our headquarters all day and we all sneak out to catch some rays when we can. You might be thinking, that’s wonderful but you are still at work and yes we are but each day is different and for us it is the little things that make it, especially when you get your delivery from Jellycat. It’s one that we all recognise and get far too excited over, you feel your spirits lift as the courier walks in and with the placement of the decorative box on the floor we all crowd over in anticipation; with the glide of a stanley knife we open the box to a bright rainbow of colours, silky soft fibres with the cutest fluffy faces looking up at you, we just love it.

It is always compulsory for us to add new additions to each drop, we always repeat some of the regulars because they’re so cute and our visitors just love them. As we live right on the coast and it is the wonderous season of summer we have added some marine life to our collection which we know will be a magnet to many little hands. If you love something large and cuddly we can guarantee that Wilbur Whale will be your best friend and provide hugs and warmth on demand. If you prefer coral dwellers, take a look at our gorgeous Odell Octopus she is perfect if you love tickles and tentacles with a bright smile. Make sure you have a chat with her though as she’s got some great friends, such as Larry Lobster and Skye Starfish too.

If you fancy something in all the colours of the rainbow and a burst of fluff you’ll just adore our new furry additions… prepare yourself for a few moments of ultimate cuteness and joy with Lovely Llama, she is the perfect puffball of pastel fur with squishy hooves and soft crimped hair.

Make sure you take a look at Candy Floss Pom Pom and Rainbow Pom Pom, both guaranteed to brighten your day and great as a pair with the mixture of marshmallow and lilac mottles.

Riccardo RaccoonFlora FlamingoOrpie ChickenSilkie ChickenFuddlewuddle Kitten and SO MANY MORE are waiting for you to come and adopt them so they can live in your house to help make it a home.