Jacob Sheep are a Rare Breed and currently under the threatened category. They are a small piebald (coloured with white spots) Breed, they normally have four horns but, can also be seen with two or even six. The British Sheep tend to be a little larger than in other countries.

Jacobs originated from the Far East and are said to be the oldest breed in the world and mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

They are usually breed for their unique wool, meat or the skins and are popular as pets or amongst small holders due to their resistance to hoof problems and parasites, they are also reputed to be easy lambers.

They are also know as good guard sheep and are currently used in Gloucestershire, to procect some farms and property from vandalism.

Wool and hides from Jacob Sheepskins are Always in High Demand, We try to source most of our skins from the British Moorlands, However all of our skins are British and tanned here in Devon

If you have a particular requirement, we will happily send you pictures of our current stock