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10 Tips On Making A Small Space Feel Bigger

We are always happy to advise in any way possible, we are currently focusing on some key ideas to help make the most out of a small room whilst still retaining that cosy feel as we know that the weather in Britain tends to be on the colder spectrum throughout most of the year.

1: Minimize the clutter – it may seem odd but over sized items can often make a room appear larger than it is, many avoid large items of furniture through fear that they will create a more cramped space but cluttering the room with lots of small pieces does not keep the space sleek and simple.

2: Work with the room – draw a floorplan, arrange key pieces like the bed and cupboards and then see what available space you can work with.

3: Don’t get too complex with paint – most know that white or neutral tones lighten and make a room appear larger than it is, don’t over complicate walls with bold busy patterns or dark heavy paint.


Posted on July 22, 2016 | Posted in Lifestyle | Permanent Link

Get Some Bleat For Your Seat

Over the years lambland have built up a trusting relationship with bikers, we understand how frustrating it can be when you cannot enjoy your favourite pastime because you suffer awful pain in your seat, putting a right downer on your day. Motorcycle enthusiasts can suffer with what they call ‘biker butt’ we often receive an email or phone call from a biker in need, luckily we are here to help and advise. There are some eye watering expensive solutions and a couple of cheerfully cheap solutions to help keep you smiling in the seat for longer. A quality gel pad for your bike can set you back about £40 with some reaching £80! We can offer bikers a sheepskin half pad for a shade under £20. Some bikers who lack that extra natural padding if you get what we mean… tend to suffer from aches and pains after a few hours on the road, yikes.

Poor circulation can be a bikers worst enemy when on the road, pads that increase circulation are great for relieving discomfort, especially if induced by heat and thankfully there appear to be many varieties available on the market. Sheepskin is a good all-round pad, it wicks moisture away and circulates air allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you can be assured that if you purchase a sheepskin pad for your seat you will be much more comfortable. (more…)


We have got our largest ever range of sheepskin boots available on our website at the
moment, we have just introduced some new styles for both men and women.
Lambland believe that quality is our top priority and we like to ensure our customers get
what they pay for, which is why we ensure that every sheepskin boot that we sell has a
reinforced heel to aid support and the skin used is also luxurious double faced australian
sheepskin to provide supreme luxury. (more…)

We love Herdwick Sheep

Herdwick sheep are a beautiful breed that is native to the Lake District and Cumbria, they are the most hardy of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep and are prized for their robust health.

The lambs are born mostly black, they turn to a dark brown within one year and then they gradually lighten to a very light grey in old age. (more…)

Why Sheepskin Seat Covers are perfect for Winter and Summer

You wouldn’t expect Sheepskin products to be that beneficial during the warmer parts of the year, as most would assume that they are a winter based product, to keep you warm!

However, some Sheepskin items can be massively beneficial to you in the summer as well as the winter, as Sheepskin can keep you cool in the warm weather and then warm in the colder weather.

Lambland have a great range of products, but particularly the Sheepskin Seat Covers are the perfect item for keeping you cool on hot days. We all hate driving on a really hot day and it can ruin your day before it’s even started! However Sheepskin’s hollow wool fibres have breathing properties, allowing your body to remain happy and comfortable during any time of the year. (more…)

Win Your Pet a Sheepskin Pet Pad

We love sheepskin and so do our pets! .

We are a nation of animal lovers, and what we enjoy most is spoiling our furry friends with new luxurious treats, nothing makes you feel better when you see your best friend having a good snuggle in their new bed, or a play with their new toy.

We have heard from many of our customers how much you love your sheepskin, but what about your pets? We have noticed an increasing number of owners seeking out luxurious sheepskin rugs for their beloved pets, and why not eh? (more…)

How to Clean The Inner of Your Sheepskin Slippers

While you will find plenty of information on cleaning the suede outers of sheepskin slippers, it is harder to come by information on cleaning the insides. This is partly because with good care they can stay in great condition for a good while, especially if you are in the habit of wearing socks inside your slippers. But our slippers are great quality and last a long time, so eventually even the most careful amongst you will notice the sheepskin packing down a little and getting grubby, especially if you wear them with bare feet.

The first thing to note is that sheepskin is a natural product – you want to avoid using strong cleaning agents, as the material needs careful treatment. If you find the wool is packed down but clean, you may want to follow the below instructions purely using warm water.


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